Third Coast Counseling Center, LLC
"Where Community Cultivates Growth"

1514 Wealthy Street SE, Suite 260, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
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Third Coast Counseling Center, LLC, is made up of six professional counseling therapists in private practice. We are located in Eastown, Grand Rapids, MI, in the East Building, and are active members of the Eastown Business Association

Much like the neighborhood in which we are located, we are an eclectic mix of individuals: each of us has different interests, both personally and professionally, and different therapeutic specialties. However, we share a common goal: to provide a supportive and compassionate environment within which individuals, couples, families, and groups can find the emotional, cognitive, and spiritual tools to help them grow and develop as human beings.  

We are also committed to serving our local community, and regularly offer public seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects--from adolescents and the media, to alcoholism and addictions, to the work of evolving relationships. 

Our mission is to facilitate the healing and growth of people through counseling, education, training, and consultation. We highly value a warm, confidential setting in which strong feelings can be safely expressed, spiritual questions explored, and life's troubling problems resolved. We provide these services in a spiritually sensitive, clinically competent, and affordable way to children, adolescents, and adults.

Please be in touch with any questions, or to make an appointment.